12 July 2012

The Great Bed Swap

When I was younger and lived with my parents, one thing I liked to do was rearrange the furniture in my room every few months. It was the easiest thing I could do to make a difference in the room without spending any money or doing anything 'big' like painting the walls. It was sort of a challenge to me to figure out different ways to arrange the room.

While we weren't necessarily rearranging the rooms, we did do a furniture swap between the guest room and our master bedroom this past weekend. I was craving something different in our bedroom and was starting to get tired of all the dark furniture along every wall of the room. I had talked to Jordan on several occasions telling him that when we move next I want to swap our bed with the bed in the guest room. 

Here is one of the pictures I took just after I put up the new curtains in the guest room. 

With the white walls, white bedding and the bright sunlight, you can see the bed frame sort of gets washed out. With all the white in the room I decided we needed a darker color to frame out the main focus of the room - the bed.

Here is the guest bedroom after swapping the beds. 

Please ignore the mess around the room. The pile on the left is all the bedding and comforter and feather mattress that we took off the bed to swap. We haven't put it fully back together because we are toying with the idea of moving some of the furniture around in the room. That and I sort of OCD wash the sheets in our house so these will be making a pit stop in the laundry room before getting back on the bed.

It's a little hard to tell with all the junk in the room, but the dark frame really works in the space. We are considering moving the bed to a different wall, creating more space in the front of the room for our guests to move around. 

Now onto the master bedroom. I didn't take a proper 'before' shot the day we did the swap because we did it at 9:00 at night. So I had to rummage around some old photos to get a picture of the room with the black bed. 

And the master bedroom now. 

Again, ignore the messy, unmade bed. I took the picture during the small window of time I had while Lucy was eating her lunch and was too busy to notice I stepped away (about a minute and a half). How much better does it look with the white bed? I feel like we should have done this swap months ago. The height of the tall bed is perfect for the thin wall space between the windows and the white of the frame pulls in the curtains, frame and lamps already in the room. 

Little by little I have been making small changes in our bedroom. I don't often show photos of this room for a number of reasons, mainly because it's usually an unmade bed with toys scattered all over the room and clothes tossed in random piles in the corners. It's our most 'lived in' room where we spend lots of family time cuddling and watching the tube together. I do have a plan for the empty frame above the bed and am on the hunt for a great rug to put on the floor beside the bed. And I'm actually considering stepping away from my sheer comfort zone and getting real curtains. I am such a lover of natural light and have a fear that 'real' curtains will make our room dark. But I think they will also make the space look more finished. 

For now, I will say that the great bed swap was a success!