02 August 2012

Blog Crushes

I get legitimately excited when I stumble across a new blog and fall in love. There's just something about finding a new goldmine for DIY projects, or getting to peek into the home of someone whose taste I just adore that gives me the motivation and DIY-bug to get my butt into gear and start working on our house.

While I'm working on getting back into my project groove (I've got a nice to-do list set for this weekend), I thought I'd share with you all some of my favorite blogs that I've recently found and now visit on a regular basis. Maybe one of these will become your new favorite.

sfgirlbybay - I find so much inspiration from this blog, in both home decor and personal style. She has great bohemian-modern taste that I just adore. I'm a follower on her Twitter and Instagram, too! I crave the decor in every picture she posts and it makes me want to redo every room in my house (but I won't).

A Lovely Life - I recently stumbled across this blog by accident (I forget what I was even googling...) and now I'm hooked. I especially favor blogs that feature not only home design/decor topics but some family/motherhood posts as well. This blog certainly covers all those aspects for me. She has been sharing her tips for traveling with a toddler (I've had my infant traveling tips post on the back burner since our trip in April) which I definitely plan to bookmark for later use.

Enjoy It: Elise Blaha - I have serious blogger envy for Elise and how she is able to tackle so many projects (including Project Life which I'm dying to do). She has great taste and her blog has opened my eyes to a decor style that I never would have initially considered for our house. Her skills range from DIY projects, organization, photos, baking/cooking, gardening and even running her own business. She's definitely one I'd like to sit down and ask 'how do you do it all??'

A Beautiful Mess - This blog has some of the easiest, but most unique DIY projects I've come across. Hair, clothes, art, food, they prove that you can pretty much DIY anything! I always have one of those 'why didn't I think of that?' moments when reading this blog.

August Empress - Another blog filled with inspiration. I love scrolling through the pages and exploring all the detailed, colorful pictures. Also where I purchased my social media buttons.

What are some of your favorite blogs that you check out on a daily basis? I'm always looking for more!

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