09 August 2012

How Do you Washi?

I finally make my first Washi Tape purchase last week. I purchased these 8 rolls from Freckled Fawn and they arrived yesterday. I have a few more on the way that I purchased from The Plaid Barn. They were 62% off and I received each roll for $4.50 a piece. Still waiting for these babies to arrive in the mail. Sorry, they are sold out as you can see below. I'll have to share the amazingness of Plaid Barn with you all another time. It's a crafter's dream for discounted supplies.

I've been trying to gather some ideas of how I want to put my new Washi Tape to use. I have never worked with it before so I relied on some fellow bloggers as well as Pinterest for ideas. I found that people literally use Washi Tape on anything.
Elise's Washi Table Desk. 
(via Enjoy It)

Take an cheap thrift table or buy an Ikea Lack table for under $30 and give it a quick and bright makeover with different alternating strips of Washi Tape. You can get really creative with this project as there are so many different colors and patterns of tape available.

This washi cork board cleans up anyone's inspiration board in their office.
(via dot coms for moms)

Dress up your office supplies like this Washi Tape notebook 
(via Oh Hello Friend)

Keyboard with washi tape letters really make your laptop POP!
(via Her New Leaf)

Something as simple as a tin can can be turned into a gorgeous vase with just a little Washi love. I love the ideas of taking something 'ugly' and making it not only functional, but pretty with just a few strips of Washi.

Dress up your stationary with a touch of Washi
(via sweetrosestudio).

Design your own coasters with a $.30 tile from Home Depot and a little Washi.
(via Page Thirteen)

How about using it for what it is? Tape!
(via Cherished Bliss)

Make a an easy banner for a party or every day room decor.
(via Think Crafts)

A few outtakes while trying to snap the above picture of my Washi purchases. Someone else was pretty excited about my rolls of tape, too.

So, how do you Washi? Any tips for a first time Washi user?


  1. I'm kind of a Washi novice, though I did make these flags for my daughter's bday treats at school. I've also decorated clothes pins with Washi tape. I then used the pins to hold party favor bags closed.


    1. Cute idea! I'll have to remember that for future birthday parties.

  2. I've never heard of this before! Those projects look AWESOME, makes me want to craft!! haha

    1. Get some! They have it at craft stores, too. So many cool ideas. I haven't used mine yet, but I'm excited to try.

  3. I just checked out The Plaid Barn, thanks for the tip! :) I usually get my daily crafty deal from Pick Your Plum everyday. You should check that one out if you don't already!

    1. Thanks for the tip. I definitely will! I'm starting to be a crafy supply hoarder.