23 August 2012

Product Review: Cygnett Alumni iPad Case

You might remember a few months back when I was on the hunt for the perfect iPad case. Jordan and I had recently purchased iPads and I was excited to jazz mine up a bit with a practical, but feminine case. I found this one from JessLC that I love and have been using with my iPad, but Jordan has been using the generic Apple iPad smart cover. It does the job by covering the screen when not in use (and doubles as a stand), but offers no protection for the back and sides of the iPad. I was thrilled when a representative from Cygnett contacted me and asked if we would be willing to try out and write a review on their Alumni iPad Case. Of course!

Product: Cygnett Alumni iPad Case in blue (check out the website here)

- While I would say the design is simple and unisex, it still has a classic and professional look. When opened we both really liked the clean interior design and neutral colored lining.
- We both agree that we prefer this design for a case over the fabric sleeves that some sell for iPads that have to be completely taken off when using. A case that can stay on while using the iPad is a plus.
- The material the case is made out of is awesome. You can tell that they took the time to use a good quality canvas and the leather material is sturdy as well.
- Protection is key. Once the iPad is in this case, it is covered pretty snug on all sides. There is no movement or slipping in this case when using it and the edges don't cover any of the key buttons or fit awkardly.
- Camera hole in back. Surprisingly a lot of cases and covers block the camera. This one has the perfect cut out in the back of the case so you don't need to remove the iPad or adjust it to take photos.
- At $49.99 I think this is a fair price for this product. Considering the quality of the material and the features that it offers, I would certainly pay this price. I've seen equally priced or more expensive cases with much less quality made of more flimsy material.
- One thing Jordan mentioned that he liked about the case is that is looks like a book when closed. It has a sturdy front and back cover and can put easily put into a purse or briefcase without risk of being damaged.

- Color options. I blindly chose blue, knowing that this case was going to be used by Jordan and wanting someting more masculine. We weren't thrilled with the bright shade of blue we received. I think we were both expecting more of a navy or denim colored blue. While searching in the Cygnett website, the options for this particular style case are blue, green, pink and black. The black case seems to be the only color that would appeal to most men in our opinion. The pink and green are very pretty to me, but this case of course was going to Jordan. The other styles of the Cygnett cases come in a variety of colors that do appeal to us. Plus, if you are using your iPad for professional purposes, you would want something less bright and more neutral.
- Jordan noticed that it wasn't very easy to fold the cover back behind the iPad unless you lay it on the cover like the below photo. I think this is due to the material they used which is a pro for quality, but more a con for convenience.
- There also is no way to stand this iPad up the way some cases allow.

All in all we were both pretty impressed with this case. The cons we had are ones that honestly wouldn't make or break our decision based on the convenince, quality and craftsmanship of this product.

Thank you so much to Cygnett for allowing us to try out their Alumni iPad case!

For Cygnett's full range of iPad cases and other products, check them out here.

Disclaimer: This is a product review. I received the product in exchange for my input. All opinions on this review are my own and have not in any way been influenced by Cygnett. 

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  1. Thanks for the great review! There are so many companies out there pumping out iPad cases these days and the quality is being sacrificed for mass production. They barely last anymore! Do you have a long term update for this case? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    thank you :)