25 October 2012

Coffee Talk

I've been pretty happy with the living room set up lately, except for one thing. Every time Lucy runs around the coffee table I have a mini panic attack. I picture her slipping, falling and hurting herself on the corner of the table.  

My parents have had this round coffee table in their attic as long as I can remember. I honestly don't even know where they used to have it. I don't remember seeing it in either of the houses I grew up in. It was just one of those pieces of furniture I would scoot around, lean over, and move past when looking for treasures in my parents' attic over the years.

I knew for my sanity that I needed to swap out the old Ikea coffee table for something a little less 'dangerous', but I'm not ready to shell out a ton of money on a brand new table. I can't even remember exactly how I thought of this table. I'm pretty sure it was one night in Lucy's room rocking her to sleep. As odd as it may sound, I get some of my best ideas when I'm sitting in Lucy's dark bedroom, snuggling my girl to sleep. That or in the shower. I literally would force myself to shower when I needed inspiration for a school project or an idea for a gift for someone or some other odd thing like that. 

Anyway... I texted my mom immediately and she told me the table was mine. 

It's a little beat up. And I like that. I'm not crazy about the fact that there are wheels on it. Furniture that moves is not ideal with a toddler, but she hasn't discovered that it is mobile, so we are good for now. I fear the wheels will scratch our pretty and (effing expensive) wood floor. So I'd like to eventually remove them, but need an alternative solution if I lose too much height knocking the table down an inch and a half or so. 

I really like the color of the table in the room. I'm so over the 'let's have matching dark Ikea furniture in every room' kick I apparently went on when I moved here several years ago.  Seriously, have you seen our bedroom? That's why we needed to swap the beds. It was a dark dungeon. I love mixing and matching different wood finishes and this table definitely breaks up the monotony of the room. You would all see this if I had taken a better photo. just realized I zoomed a bit too much on the above picture and cut out the side tables.

What do you all think? It's a temporary fix, but it's doing the trick. I like the character of the flaws, but keep wondering if I should do something to it. Should I paint it? Leave it? 

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