12 November 2012

How Did You Spend YOUR Weekend?

After a long 2.5 hour drive (each way) to attend a wedding in the Poconos on Saturday and a Christening Sunday morning, we spent the second half of our weekend cleaning every rug, curtain, throw pillow, sheet, towel, carpet, and couch in our house. We had fleas.

Anyone who has tackled fleas before knows it is not fun. It's a lot of work to do it and get it done properly. You pretty much need to clean anywhere your pet goes. For us that's every inch of our house.
Here is what we tackled:
-Vaccuum every rug, carpet and couch. Immediately take the dirt from the vaccuum out of the house and into the trash dumpster outside.
- Toss every blanket, throw pillow cover, small rugs, hand towels, sheets, etc into the wash.
- Air out any rugs that don't fit in the washing machine (apparently sunlight helps kill flea eggs).
- Shampoo the couch.
- Flea baths for all. Lyla was easy. The cat, not so much. He was tossed into the bathtub and doused with a bucket of soapy water.
- Follow flea baths with a flea treatment.
- Finally treat the clean rooms with a special flea spray to help kill any eggs. I bought a can for $16 at the vet. Just spray the entire room down and let it fully dry before going in.
Needless to say, I was asleep on the couch by 9PM and these were the only photos I took this weekend for the blog. Monday came too quick, this is going to be another crazy week and I'm already looking forward to Friday.
The good news? Our house is pretty darn clean. Happy Monday, all!

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  1. Sorry you had to deal with a flea infestation, that is the WORST!!!! Knowing the house is super clean is a silver lining though hehe :)