08 November 2012

The Animals Find a Home

A few weeks ago I got around to hanging my animal menagerie and just today I'm getting around to sharing the phot0s with you all.
I took down my herb crates that I've had up for a few years now and have slowly grown tired of seeing on the wall. (Anyone interested?) Maybe I'll repurpose them somehow. I spackled the wall and stuck my animal frame in their place. I think the width of the frame works perfectly for the tiny piece of wall sticking out between out living room, kitchen and foyer. I wish I knew why this piece of wall sticks out. I think it may have something to do with the fact that our kitchen used to be it's own separate room. The previous owners knocked a wall or two down to open up the space into the living room. (If you want to see the layout of the rooms, check out the house tour on the link to the right. Be warned, the photos are severly outdated. I have been mentally planning to take all new photos to update the tour page.)
I put an old chair under the frame that I took from parents' house when I moved out a few years back. It was part of the kitchen set we had when I was growing up, so it does have a bit of sentimental value to it. I'd like to replace it with a slimmer, taller thrifted chair, but have yet to find one I like. This chair will relocate back upstairs to the guest room. (I will now pretend I don't hear any questions regarding when our guest room will be finished.)

This post is also about butts. Animal butts to be exact.
After I made my framed gold animal art, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the other halves of the animals, but kept them handy in a ziplock bag for when I decided. Last week I saw two similar ideas using halved, spray painted animals as magnets. One was on Pinterest, and the other being sold for $14.00 for a 6 pack on Urban Outfitters. Pretty perfect use for my leftover butts, and much cheaper than buying UO version.
I decided to replicate this idea for under $2 since I already had most of the supplies and just needed to buy small round magnets at my local craft store. I was even able to knock this mini project out at the same time I was spray painting the lids to Lucy's toy jars.
The animal hineys are now proudly stuck to our fridge.

Nothing like a bunch of gold animal butts to hold up your family photos.


  1. How cute!! I love the animal art idea...especially the idea of using the butts for magnets! I don't know if I like that more or the actual artwork.