31 October 2012

Pinned It, Did It: DIY Custom Mason Jar Tops

Another toddler related DIY project to share with you all. I guess that's what happens when a hurricane keeps you locked up in the house with a 15 month old for two straight days. Technically I didn't actually pin this one. This is a DIY project that I've seen a few times around Pinterest, but a friend of mine recently pinned it and brought it back onto my radar. I had seen a few of these mason jars used as toy storage with animals glued to the tops and spray painted. Such a creative and cute storage idea. I love using mason jars and already use them around the house to store Lucy's crayons, my makeup brushes or paint brushes, etc. You all may know my affinity for spray painting things gold (here and here just to name a few), and apparently my sudden interest in painting small plastic animals. This little project seemed right up my alley.

all images via Pinterest

I wasn't even planning on tackling this project anytime soon, but this past weekend while waiting for a prescription to refill, I found myself perusing the local Dollar Tree. I came across some mason jars. For $1.00 a piece I was tempted to stock up on several even if I didn't have an immediate plan for them. After walking the aisles a bit trying to find some easy toys to keep Lucy distracted during the storm, I found a few plastic Disney Princesses. Jackpot. My DIY was decided at that moment. You all know I already have a hefty supply of gold spray paint.

The steps for this DIY are pretty easy and self explanatory. 
1. Glue the toys to the top of the mason jars (I used super glue and a lot of it). 
2. Next spray paint your lids whichever color you desire.
3.  Fill the jars with toys or goodies and display.

What a great and easy addition to Lucy's 'big girl room'. I liked the idea of using the princesses over the dinosaurs and animals to give them more of a 'young girl' touch.

What are you pinning and doing?