02 October 2014

Honey Lake Studio

I've mentioned in previous posts how I am slowly trying to bring real art into our home, and I'm excited to share with you all my latest addition.

I would say 90% of the Instagram accounts I follow are people who I don't know personally. For me, Instagram is a place to find 'pretty' or inspirational photos and to connect with other bloggers as well as small business owners. I admit I reserve looking at friends' personal photos through Facebook since most people link their Instagram and Facebook posts. (This means if we are friends but I don't follow you on Insta, please don't be offended!) One of my favorite things to do on Instagram is browse through the recommended users on the search page, or look at the news page and see what photos people I follow like. By doing so I have found so many new blogs to read, Instagram accounts to follow, Etsy shops to browse, and tons of Inspiration for our home. 

Several weeks ago I stumbled upon Jen Smith of Honey Lake Studio. Jen is a talented interior and lifestyle photographer. I loved the look of her Instagram feed and start immediately following her. Right after I followed her, she just happened to be opening her new online shop selling some of her prints. To celebrate this, she hosted a giveaway on Instagram, giving one lucky follower one of her prints for free. I've participated in handful of Instagram giveaways and don't get my hopes up, so imagine my surprise when Jen contacted me and said that I won!

The print I chose was Indigo Moon.

The colors in this photo are so beautiful and really pop against the neutral pallet in our home, as you can see from the photo above. One of the reasons I chose this photo is because Lucy loves the moon and looks for it every single night. Now that we have the picture and I purchased a frame for it, Jordan constantly tells me how much he loves it, too. Winner!

We are still deciding where to permanently hang this photo, but I couldn't resist putting it on display once I had it framed. I have a feeling this print may end up in our kitchen by the new bar we are building. (Speaking of, my Ikea delivery should arrive today!)

Make sure to check out Jen's shop here and see all the gorgeous prints. I'll warn you, you are going to want to purchase them all. Check back often as she will be swapping out prints seasonally  Also follow Jen on Instagram (@honeylakestudio) for more great inspiration (Domino Magazine just shared her home in their latest issue, so trust this girl as fab taste.)  As a bonus, Domino has featured Jen's prints as a Domino Deal through Monday. Check them out now!


  1. I'm the same way on Insta. I literally have insta friends that I have never met. It is def my favorite social media outlet. This photo is gorg. What a lucky win!

  2. I'm gonna have to check out her instagram. I use insta the same way, some of the ways that people can capture a really beautiful moment in a tiny square is breathtaking. The photo of the moon is also beautiful, you should make sure to check out the upcoming lunar eclipse on wednesday.
    And seriously, I'm sure winning that contest was amazing!