01 October 2014

Lucy's Room on Apartment Therapy

I'm so excited to share that Lucy's room is being featured on Apartment Therapy! Check it out here.

If you're a longtime reader, you might remember that her nursery was featured a few years ago. It's very cool and somewhat interesting to see how much my decorating, photography and design tastes have evolved over the years. I see such a difference in Lucy's room now compared to her nursery. For her nursery it was more about aesthetics since as a baby she was primarily using the room to sleep and have a diaper change. I focused on making it look pretty, and have the perfect decorative accents - hanging pom-poms, a gallery wall, vintage mirrors, cute decorations, Lucy's name on everything, hanging her booties and teeny bathing suit, etc. For me, her nursery was just a fun room to decorate, and honestly more for myself.

This time around when decorating Lucy's room in our new home, I focused on making a functional space for her that she could have fun in and that she could maneuver around independently. She has a play kitchen perfectly her size with all the accessories stored inside. Her books are on the bookshelf at her height so she can look and choose which stories we are going to read each night. The art wall is hung low so she can help me swap out pictures. Her doll house is stored on the floor so she can plop down and play. The table in the middle of the room is just her size and perfect for art projects  puzzles, tea parties and snack time  I even store her art supplies in tins on top of the table so she can draw as she wishes. Her shoes are on the floor of her closet so she can select and put them on herself. In her other closet we have a shelf installed at her height that houses all her stuffed animals within her reach. Even her mirror is lowered to her size as well as one of her lamps so she can access to turn it on and off.

Because of these things, Lucy is very independent and able to do anything she wants in her room herself. She loves playing in this space and will often tell she that she is going to her room, no longer asking me to join her. I'm just so glad that she loves this space as much as I do.

Thank you Apartment Therapy for sharing Lucy's space!

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