07 October 2014

Mud Room Update

I thought today would be a good day to give a quick update on the progress of the mud room. We aren't working on this room full force, but I have been adding pieces here and there and there is definitely a difference in how the room looks now compared to before.

In case you forgot, here is how the room looked after we moved in and sort of threw everything there.

And here was the mood board I shared showing my plans for the space.

Now the room is looking much better and is starting to reflect the plan! 

Sorry for the poor lighting in these photos. I had to work with whatever came in the windows and any light I could steal with the garage door propped open.

You can see I swapped out the baskets for under the bench. I originally wanted striped baskets, but when I saw these at Homegoods I knew they were the perfect size, shape and color for our mud room. They will be used to store hats, gloves, scarves, etc.

I love, love these pillows. They are so beautiful that at first I wasn't sure I wanted them to be in our mud room, but I really want to make this a cozy, finished space since it's the first room we enter every time we come home. Plus I like the idea of having pillows to lean against to sit and take shoes off. Be sure to check out BohoPillow on Etsy for more of these gorgeous covers.

I'm so glad I purchased this West Elm rug. I waited for a bit for it to go on sale and once it did, I snatched it right up. It offers the perfect combo of pretty and durable. I won't mind people trudging their wet shoes over this rug as it's made very well. 

I snagged some succulents I had on our front porch and relocated them on this sunny spot in the mud room. I like the idea of having some greens in this space. I don't want the mud room to be a cold pass through room where we just dump shoes and coats. I want it to feel like we put a little love into the space, too.

I'll admit the rest of the room is still a mess, which is why you are only seeing this small corner. It's still huge improvement from before.

Here's a peek inside the Ikea wardrobe where I'm storing my craft supplies for easy access when I need a quick kid distraction. I can always rely on paint, scissors or felt to settle a meltdown or give me some time to clean up or put Mila down for a nap.

We still have to tackle the curtain wall I mentioned before. We just haven't gone out and measured and priced out a track. I also did buy the Crate and Barrel pendant light when it went on sale a few weeks back. We have it ready to hang, it's just still sitting in the box. :)

Now we're off to start building our fauxdenza. Look for some updates this week!

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  1. Such a difference already! I wish I lived in a place that had mudrooms!