22 March 2011

Getting Sill-y

I mentioned in a previous post that I wasn't sure how to decorate the large window sills we have in our master bedroom. They're super deep which I love, but it leaves a large empty space to fill. 

I've played around with frames (but they tend to get blocked by the sheets and who wants pictures you can even see?). I also considered throw pillows or cushions of some sort, but I honestly don't see myself crawling into the window sill to read a book. :) I've been moving so many things around the house lately that I had a number of "leftover" items that needed a home. I took advantage and combined by two problems and found a solution.

My window:
Vase is an old Homegoods find from a few years back

Miscellaneous books collected over the years

Jordan's window:

Candles and hurricanes from Pier 1

I'm pretty content with how they look. I was afraid that if I put too much in the window sills, it would make the room start to look a little junky. I'm a junk-a-phobe, which is a huge reason I get so excited when we have one of those donation trucks coming. I'm not satisfied until I have a minimum of half a dozen boxes and bags filled with goodies to donate.

Lyla approved. Whew! She's my toughest critic. Now if only I could get a more attractive view than the back of my neighbors' homes...

SInce we're in the master bedroom, I now have this empty corner
I snagged the framed Harper's Bazaar ad (another Homegoods gem) from the bathroom and gave it a new home on the wall. I'm now on the hunt for an ottoman to stick in the corner where I used to have a rarely used hamper. It can double as a charging station after my late night dates with my laptop in bed. Or somewhere to keep my purse when I'm home. Looking for something both pretty and practical!

Anthropologie - $198.00

Anthropologie - $198.00

Target - $239.99

Target - $55.00

I'm not crazy at the idea of spending $200 on an ottoman, so Anthropologie and Cherry from Target are more than likely out of the running. While the faux leather looks nice and would match our furniture, but I think we need something with a splash of color. For now I plan to keep looking until I find the perfect fit for that spot. 

And in case you were wondering, my wedding hanger did find it's permanent home underneath our Gibraltar Gardens wedding picture.

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