14 August 2012

The Guest Room Saga Continues

Remember how I was once working on our guest room? Oh yes. Apparently I forgot, too. A few weeks ago Jordan had the idea to move the furniture around in the guest room to make more room. We dragged our feet on it a bit and kept saying 'tonight let's work on the guest room.' Once Lucy was in bed, the dishes washed and put away and any other little things done around the house, we were both too pooped and falling asleep on the couch. So the other night after a cup (or two) of coffee, I got to work and moved the furniture around.

So while the room isn't finished, here is how it's currently looking. 

You can see some junk piled up against the wall across from the dresser. This is the wall that still needs work. The pallet will be going up and I'd like to have the chair next to either a bench or a table of some sort. A bench under the pallet would be ideal so our guests have somewhere to put their luggage other than the floor or bed. I just haven't found a bench I like.

Here's the messy view from the door. It might be hard to tell, but there is so much more room with this new furniture arrangement. We should have done it sooner. I'll give him credit, Jordan has some good decor ideas from time to time.

I'm loving the dresser with the vintage books and suitcases. And of course my dipped table. Can you tell I'm loving clear lamp bases with white shades? I recently replaced the lamps in our living room with the same type. 

This swap has motivated me to finally finish this room. I'll admit I'm undecided about the curtains now (which is why I have yet to hem them). I'm also on the hunt for a large area rug, if I find one I like. Of course, the pallet (remember that project from forever ago?) needs to be hung. 

Just wanted to let you all know that I didn't forget about this room! 

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