19 September 2012

More Framed Napkin Fun

Remember last week when I shared my thrift adventures with you, including how I scored these two frames? You might also remember this project where I took napkins I had found in the Anthropologie clearance room and tossed them in some Ikea frames to hang above our couch. 

Recently I decided to repeat that project, except using different colored napkins and thrifted frames instead of pricier Ikea ones. I saw these pink, orange and yellow napkins also in the Anthro clearance room - pretty much identical to the other ones, but with a different set of colors. I resisted buying them a few times, but eventually allowed myself to get them after I decided they would be a great addition to Lucy's room.

I sort of blindly chose the frames at the thrift store and held my breath when I brought them home put the napkins against them and they fit almost exactly the width of the glass. Whew! I don't know how well Goodeal does returns, so I'm glad I didn't need to try.

Obviously the frames needed an upgrade before putting the napkins in them, so I got to work. I'll admit I was a little nervous as to what I would find when I peeled off the paper on the back of the frames. I've never tried to use frames that have been professionally assembled and was worried that I wouldn't be able to put it back together again. 

I was relieved when I saw it was simple staples that I knew how to handle. 

For those of you who may not know (but I'm sure you all do), a simple flat head screwdriver is the best way to lift up these staples so you can remove your print and matt. Plus, it saves your manicure from trying to lift push them all back by hand. Verrrry important.

Luckily the finish of the frames was rough enough that I could skip sanding and get right to spray painting. Two coats of primer and two coats of semi-glossy white paint later, the frames were good as new and ready for some pretty fabric to fill them.

One dried, I stuck the napkins inside and hung them up on the striped wall in Lucy's room. 

I was careful to measure the wall and position the frames just right so that they lined up equally against the stripes on the walls. It would drive me nuts if there wasn't equal parts of the white stripes showing on the top and bottom of the frame. I know, I'm crazy like that.

They look pretty nice with the fabric pom poms above the chair, don't you think?

I have a few more touches to add to Lucy's room before I share with you all how I've updated her space to be a little more toddler-friendly. Until then, enjoy these pretty framed napkins to hold you over.

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