03 September 2014

Family Room Update - Ikea Finds

A few weeks back I posted a photo on Instagram of a trip we took to Ikea. Ever since, I've been meaning to do an Ikea haul post, but never got around to it. By now you have seen most of the things we picked up that day (including the chairs in the living room and the wardrobe in the mudroom). What I haven't shown is what we bought for our family room.

Back when I did the family room post, I talked about how we didn't want a coffee table because the space was so small. Fast forward a few weeks and we found ourselves at Ikea buying one. Whenever I know we have an Ikea trip in the near future, I tend to start looking at things we don't necessarily need or don't plan to get (everyone does that, right?). I came across the Vittsjo nesting tables and they immediately caught my eye. 

We were in need of a side table for next to the couch anyway, and for $59 we could get both a side table and a coffee table. They are made so you could nest them if you want, and while I liked the look of it, we really wanted to have the side table next to the couch.

Now we have the tables in the living room and the space feels so much better. Not only do we have a place to put a drink or the remote, but the room looks so much more complete with a set of matching tables. There is no longer an empty space in the middle of the room making it look unfinished.

I honestly love the look of the side table next to the couch. We positioned the open side so it faces the wall and the table no longer looks like it's supposed to be nested. 

I'm still on the hunt for a photo to fill the frame on the left. I'd like to get one of my in-laws to match the other photo of my parents on the right. The photo below is one of my absolute favorites of my parents from their rehearsal dinner the night before their wedding. My dad being silly and my mom looking stunning as usual. I've also had that snake plant for about two years and I've watered it maybe a dozen times - my kinda plant.

This room might be one of the smallest spaces we have, but it's also the coziest. I love curling up on the couch in here at night to watch a movie or do some blogging.

The coffee table itself needs some styling. I'm on the hunt for the perfect accent pieces to put on top. 

I've swapped out some pillows since the last family room tour, and I'll most likely continue to swap out more. I sort of have an addiction to pillow covers, but more on that in another post.

Have you scored any Ikea goodies lately? I'm already itching for another trip.

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  1. Those look great and seem to work perfect for what you need! As I am currently apartment/condo hunting, I'm getting more and more excited about decorating my own place. Your decorating/decor style is so clean, but fun and I'm able to take some inspiration from you! I think this weekend I may have to make a trip to my local Ikea to get some ideas (:
    Happy (almost) Friday!