11 September 2014

Target Did it AGAIN

Sooo.. has anyone else seen the newest Target Threshold items? Seriously, my wallet is crying. I stumbled across them last week when I needed to take a quick trip to Target (So what if I need to take 10 'quick' trips to Target each week?). Then I found the aisle... with the new seasonal items. And I almost died and went to heaven. Gold, charcoal and wood heaven. Really, these may be my favorite of the Threshold items to date. (There is also a rug that matches the charcoal/white pouf as well as a charcoal version of that rope basket.)

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

It took a lot of self control not to snatch two of those gold lamps for our nightstands, that wooden tray for our new coffee table, two of those poufs for our living room, that table for who knows where (I'd find a spot), and those rope baskets in both colors. I'll admit I did buy one thing... ok, ok I bought two. I only took photos of one.

I've thought about putting a bench in that spot for some time, but because of the shape and slope of the wall, most benches are too large. For the past 4 months we've had a baby swing right there anyway, but over the last few weeks Mila has shown no interest in using it. We decided to finally move it out of the way. Since that part of the room is the first thing guests see when they enter the front door, I wanted something more attractive than a baby swing to be there. The bench itself is small, which is why I pushed it to the right and put the taller vase there to balance out the shape of the wall. I will most likely find something else in it's place or replace the flowers with simple branches. Something about the set up doesn't look right to me. Even being small, that bench is the perfect size for someone to plop down to watch the kids play on the rug without having to actually crawl on the floor. 

Speaking of, I am still waiting on our new rug (it finally shipped!) to arrive. I am also on a constant hunt for a new console table to replace our vintage dresser and help finish out our living room. Each piece we add makes it feel that much more complete.

In addition to the bench, I also bought a small accent rug in the same color and design as the floor pouf for our powder room. For $14.99 I couldn't resist. That and the rug we've had in the powder room is so thick the door won't go over it, and we really like that door to be able to close from time to time.  

Have you grabbed your keys, yet? I need to go clean something so I don't head over to Target again.


  1. Love that bench! I was at Target a few months ago and they had a similar bench but with a bolder pattern on the fabric, and it was even on clearance. I considered buying it, but I thought it might be too much. But now, man, I am drooling over this one! I also love 7 and 9-11... I may have to make a trip to Target tomorrow! (: Thanks for the post, and also I love the way the art looks in your laundry room, that green is gorgeous against the walls and the way it stands out. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks!! I love 7, too I just don't have anywhere to put a table! I know a few more of these items will most likely end up in our house. :) at least I can say I tries to resist.